Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums

Sometimes, a large view is the best way to convey the scope and design of a project.  This image of the Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums in Washington, DC is a perfect example.

Click on image to enlarge.

This front elevation of the BBG-BBGM (new east tower) and John Ronan (historic Yale Steam Laundry building) Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums was a challenge to make.  One wide shot would not cover the entire building.  An extreme wide angle lens would have distorted the building.  This view took several images combined as a panorama in post production to accurately render the building.

Todd A. Smith is Washington, DC architectural photographer with offices in Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ.  Please visit Todd A. Smith Photography, LLC website or call 703-751-1688 to see more of Todd's work.

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