Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jonen Ji Temple, Iwakuni, Japan

Sometimes, a vignette will bring the viewer into a shot and tell the story better than a wider shot will.  I will use vignettes in my architectural photography to help bring an intimacy to a space.

This close up image of a blue-green patinated bronze statue of a Buddhist monk and yellow flowers brings out the peace of the temple.  I felt a wider shot would have had too much information, and the peace would have been lost.

Click on image to enlarge.

This image presented a depth of field focus challenge.  I wanted the image sharp from the front toe to the flowers.  But, my lens couldn't accomplish this with stopping down the aperture alone.  I used quite a bit of front standard swing (or Schleimpflug) on my view camera to give me the depth of field I needed while keeping my aperture at an f-stop setting for maximum sharpness.

This image won honorable mention in the June 2010 Alexandria Art League Gallery show located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

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