Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fountain Pen Photography

During the very cold and snowy days in Washington, DC this March, I kept myself nice and warm by staying inside photographing my fountain pens.  Photographing the fountain pens involved macro photography which is quite a change of scale from my normal architectural photography in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

I really enjoyed the challenges of the small scale lighting and styling.  Here are some examples.  Please click on images to enlarge.

Green marbled Pelikan M200 with a Richard Binder "Binderized" extra fine point nib.

My very first fountain pen purchased in 1991 at a Marine Corps Exchange of all places!  Waterman Executive with my Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

Waterman Executive on carved stone bull.  Purchased the carved stone bull in Mexico many years ago and just noticed that it would make a neat pen stand.
 Waterman Kultur translucent blue demonstrator.

Another view:

Pelikan M200 demonstrator in ceramic Pelikan pen stand.

 As a finale, this is my new Monteverde One Touch Tool ballpoint pen.  It has four measuring scales, a level, a micro phillips/flathead screw driver and touch screen stylus!

Todd A. Smith is a No. VA, VA, DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY architectural photographer with based in Alexandria, VA.  Please visit to see examples of his DC commercial, residential and scale model architectural photography.