Thursday, February 10, 2011

Louis Sullivan's Bank in Columbus, WI.

Below are five images from downtown Columbus, WI.  Four are views of the Farmers and Merchants Union Bank, Louis Sullivan's last "Jewel Box" bank, built in 1919. One is a view of the Columbus City Hall designed by T.D Allen of Minneapolis, MN in 1892.  Please click on images to enlarge.

Above, Sullivan's design is on the right, and on the left, the 2006 addition designed by John G. Waite & Associates of Albany, NY.  The new addition, on the left, was designed to replicate the feel of the original downtown architecture.

Columbus, WI, City Hall

Farmers and Merchants Union Bank as seen from roof of Columbus City Hall.  This view shows the 1980 addition to the bank designed by the Bunce Corporation of Madison, WI, which was torn down when the new addition was built in 2006.

Front elevation of the original 1919 Sullivan design, right, and the 1980 addition, left.

Northwest facade.  Ever notice the roaring lion's head shadow from the square block pillars' ornament?

Sullivan used lions and lion's heads in the design throughout the bank.  This shadow only appears from the sun hitting the ornament at certain time of the year and resembles a lions head, even though there isn't one in the ornament.

I look for the unique angles of a subject.  It adds interest to the image.  This bank has been photographed hundreds if not thousands of times by historians, architects, and tourists for its association with Louis Sullivan.  Sullivan's most famous student was Frank Lloyd Wright.  Columbus, WI also boasts a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house built in 1956.

Todd A. Smith is a Virginia architectural photographer specializing in residential and commercial projects as well as scale models.  Please visit Todd A. Smith Photography, LLC to see more of Todd's work.

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