Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

First, Thank You to our veterans on this Memorial Day weekend.  Here are some images from various Rolling Thunder motorcycle rallies in Washington, DC, over the years.  Please click on images to enlarge.

The gentleman in the foreground is photographing the riders going past him.  The patch on his vest is what caught my eye.  I slowed the shutter and held the camera steady to add motion blur to the motorcycle.

Marine Vietnam veteran.  The patches, military decorations and pins tell each rider's story.

 They'll never forget.

 President George W. Bush aboard Marine One in 2008 as Rolling Thunder passes the US Capitol.  The rider in the foreground with the huge Marine Corps flag attached to his motorcycle typifies most Marines: they display their branch of service proudly whenever and wherever possible.  Someone once said that if you counted the number of Marine Corps bumper stickers on vehicles you'd think we were the largest branch of service.

 Here I slowed the shutter and panned the camera with the motorcycle to blur the background.

Little girl reaching out to the riders to show her support.  I loved how she held her American flag so proudly.

Former WWII Marine Phil Davidson holding a picture of himself taken in 1937 on his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  As soon as I saw the 4th Marine Division pin on his vest, I knew he fought on Iwo Jima.

Todd A. Smith is a retired US Marine and a professional No. VA, VA, DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY architectural photographer with offices in Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ.  Please visit to see examples of his architectural photography.

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